The Secret Series

Now this book is rather hard to describe… if you like Series of Unfortunate Events this book is really similar (minus the whole orphans thing) but the same style. It is about Cass and her friend Max-Ernest, they find this box called a Symphony of Smells, a evil organization is after the Symphony of Smells. The box and a few other items are supposedly going to make you immortal, that’s why they want it, throughout the series (5 books) Cass and Max-Ernest find these objects and are continually chased by the evil people. It may sound like it gets boring, but it really doesn’t. I rarely can read a five book series without getting bored, but I had no problem with this one.

Book 1. The Name of this Book is Secret (360 pages)

Book 2. If You’re Reading this it’s too Late (385 pages)

Book 3. This Book is not Good for you (394 pages)

Book 4. This isn’t What it Look Likes (410 pages)

Book 5. You Have to Stop This… all books written by Pseudonymous Bosch


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