I love Halloween! Especially the candy and dressing up, reading takes you to a different place and allows you to be someone else for awhile, but on Halloween you get to dress the part too. So in honor of the holiday I want everyone who sees this post to comment their favorite scary book, and in return I will tell each of you a different horror book I enjoyed reading. I really really enjoy reading your thoughts and desperately hope you comment!! (Was that last line too dramatic? haha)


7 thoughts on “Halloween

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    • Alright Maddie, I know you, so I know you don’t like scary. My book recommendation for you is… The School of Fear series. It’s about a group of kids who go to a summer camp that teaches them how to get over their fears. Hope you enjoy!!

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  3. Hi Maddie! I got tired of sleeping with the lights on, so I quit reading scary books! I’m pretty sure the last one I read was a Stephen King book – take your pick. But I remember Pet Cemetery giving me the creeps.

    • Thanks Maddie for commenting!! I absolutely love all that scary stuff, I haven’t read Pet Cemetery though, I would like to. The book I have for you is… Anna Dressed in Blood (not as scary as it sounds) written by Kendare Blake. It’s about a boy whose a monster hunter, and he finds this girl who hasn’t passed over yet. But he has trouble killing her for several reasons… hmm wonder why.

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