Secret of the Sirens

I’m not the biggest fan of this book. I considered not even reviewing it, but I felt compelled to tell my readers about the books I don’t like. Maybe you will read it and love it!

Alright, this series is about an old society that conserves mythical creatures and ensures that they are protected from the real world. Connie goes to live with her aunt, and she discovers the ancient society, but she also finds she can talk to animals. The society takes Connie in and starts training her.

The book is a hit or miss, I found it kind of boring, and I could never find the second book. So, I eventually gave up. The series is called Companions Quartet, written by: Julia Golding. Book 1. Secret of the Sirens 357 pages   Book 2. The Gorgons Gaze 320 pages Book 3. Mines of the Minotaur 288 pages   Book 4. The Chimera’s Curse 320 pages


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