Vet Volunteers Series

This series isn’t really a teen book, but I still like them. So, it is about Maggie who lives with her grandmother, her grandmother owns a vet clinic. Maggie and her friends are always finding trouble to get into, but in the end they save an animal or several.  In each book they pick a child from the main group of characters, the first book focuses on Maggie, she figures out there is a puppy mill and needs to save the animals. The rest of the books focus on one of the kids and their animal problem.     Book 1. Fight for Life 135 pages Book 2. Homeless 132 pages Book 3.Trickster 127 pages Book 4. Manatee Blues 119 pages Book 5.Say Good-Bye 160 pages Book 6.Storm Rescue 144 pages Book 7. Teachers Pet 160 pages Book 8.Trapped 144 pages Book 9. Fear of Falling 144 pages Book 10. Time to Fly 128 pages She was two more books coming out soon. Written by Laurie Halse Anderson

Happy Reading!!


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