School of Fear

School of Fear is about a group of kids who are sent to a summer camp for kids with irrational reactions to common fears. Madeleine goes to great lengths to keep spiders and other bugs away, Theodore calls and texts his family constantly to make sure none of them are dead (he’s afraid of dying and loved ones dying.) Lulu can’t even go in a restroom without freaking out about the walls closing in on her, and last, but not least…Garrison can barely watch any TV with large bodies of water on them without panicking.  So, the kids go to this camp and find out they have to face their fears before the summer is over. Can they do it, or will they break under the pressure? What will happen if they fail?

There are three books in the series. Book 1. School of Fear 339 pages  Book 2. Class is Not Dismissed 336 pages Book 3. The Final Exam 325 pages  Written by: Gitty Daneshvari


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