Breathe: A Ghost Story

This book starts off as any other scary story. A boy (Jack) and his mother move into a new house. The first chapter is written in the point of view of four ghost children who live in the house. As the book continues Jack encounters another ghost, an older women, who is intrigued with having another living child around. Her fascination with Jack goes to the extremes, she wants him to call her mom, and she becomes jealous of Jack’s real mother. She secretly plans to get rid of Jack’s mother. Soon Jack meets the four ghost children. They warn Jack of the dangers of the ghost mother, and what she will do to get what she wants. Even if it includes murder. Can he escape her clutches before he ends up like the other children?
-261 pages
– 25 chapters
-Written by: Cliff McNish
I love a good old fashioned horror story and this one makes the cut. But it also has enough twists and turns to separate itself from all the other scary stories.

Happy Reading!


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