The Stone Child

I really liked this book. It had an element of mystery and fear.
The book starts off with a boy (Eddie) who is moving to a new town. (Honestly, someone needs to come with a new beginning for scary stories.) The town he is moving to was once the home of his favorite horror story author, Nathaniel Olmstead, whom disappeared thirteen years ago. Eddie starts to see strange things straight out of Nathaniel Olmstead’s novels. Eddie and his new friends have to figure out how to stop the monsters from jumping off the pages before the worst monster of all comes alive.

One of the really cool things about this book was you were figuring everything out along with the characters. There was kind of a written puzzle that leads to the answer to everything. I loved sitting down and figuring it out.

  • Written By: Dan Poblocki
  • 274 pages
  • 19 chapters

    Happy Reading!


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