House of Dark Shadows

In the House of Dark Shadows, the King family move into an old house. (This again, right?) But they soon discover a hidden part of their house with portals that can transport them to places far away. In distance and in time. If they can go through the portals then surely things can come in from the other side too. And that is just what happens. A mysterious creature slips in from the portal in the cover of night, and snatches their mother. Throughout the six book series the Kings have to figure out how to get their mother back from the grasps of time.

I really liked this series for the most part. The portals added a different element to the books, that many time travel series’ don’t have. I do think the series is a bit long, but it is still overall a good read. I had a hard time finding the books though. If you are interested in reading them, they are considered christian books, so check in the religious section of bookstores and libraries.  (But it isn’t a big part in the books , so if that isn’t your thing then you will still like the series.)

First book: House of Dark Shadows  286 pages  40 chapters
Second book: Watcher in the Woods  290 pages  45 chap.
Third book: Gatekeepers  305 pages   50 chap.
Fourth book: Timescape  305 p.  52 chap.
Fifth book: Whirlwind  310 p.  35 chap.
Sixth book: Frenzy  340 p.  ? chap.  (I don’t have the book with me.)

Happy Reading,


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