Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

This book is more for the younger crowd, but I still enjoyed it immensely!

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer is about a boy who has an interest in law. Throughout the series Theodore helps his friends with their problems using his expertise in law.                 In the first book he finds himself in the middle of a case much bigger than he’s used to. Theodore knows something about a murder trail that could set a man free or imprison him.
In the second book Theodore’s friend April is kidnapped. When Theodore sees that the police aren’t doing a good enough job, he takes matters into his own hands. Can he find April before something bad happens?
There are two more books in the series so far. I didn’t read them though. I really enjoyed these books when I was 12-13, but then they got a little boring and predictable. But for the 11-13 range, I definitely recommend them! The series is written by John Grisham

1st book: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer   263 pages   22 chapters
2nd book: Theodore Boone: The Abduction   217 pages   24 chapters
3rd book: Theodore Boone: The Accused   304 pages   ? chapters
4th book: Theodore Boone: The Activist   272 pages   ? chapters

Happy Reading,


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