It’s been too long

Hi guys! I don’t know how many followers I still have since I haven’t posted anything in like forever. I have been so caught up in school, it is unreal! I literally have like 3 papers due every night, and weekends aren’t any better. But things are starting to level out so hopefully I will be able to start posting again! Yay!
I have also been thinking about starting another blog. I know what you guys are thinking, “How is she going to keep up another blog if she can’t even update the one she has?” But I will make it work, and it’s not set in stone or anything, just a thought. I have even come up with a name, “Being a Writer is Slowly Killing Me.” Hence the title, it will be about the struggles of writing and maybe I will even share a few of my pieces with you. Who likes the idea? Let me know if I still have any followers out there!!

Happy Reading!


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