Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

This book is more for the younger crowd, but I still enjoyed it immensely!

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer is about a boy who has an interest in law. Throughout the series Theodore helps his friends with their problems using his expertise in law.                 In the first book he finds himself in the middle of a case much bigger than he’s used to. Theodore knows something about a murder trail that could set a man free or imprison him.
In the second book Theodore’s friend April is kidnapped. When Theodore sees that the police aren’t doing a good enough job, he takes matters into his own hands. Can he find April before something bad happens?
There are two more books in the series so far. I didn’t read them though. I really enjoyed these books when I was 12-13, but then they got a little boring and predictable. But for the 11-13 range, I definitely recommend them! The series is written by John Grisham

1st book: Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer   263 pages   22 chapters
2nd book: Theodore Boone: The Abduction   217 pages   24 chapters
3rd book: Theodore Boone: The Accused   304 pages   ? chapters
4th book: Theodore Boone: The Activist   272 pages   ? chapters

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Wonderstruck is written by the same author who wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Click the link for info on that book.
 Wonderstruck and The Invention of Hugo Cabret are not a series from what I can tell. Both books are beautifully illustrated! The pictures in Hugo Cabret are clues to help you solve the mystery, whereas the pictures in Wonderstruck are more to help with the storytelling. I really enjoyed Wonderstruck. It looks really long, but most of it is pictures. It’s kinda hard to describe what the book is about, but it is wonderfully written, so I definitely recommend it.

Written By: Brian Selznick
608 pages

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J.K. Rowling’s Secret Book

The news was released that J.K. Rowling has actually written and published more books than even her number one fans know about.
She used the pseudonym, Robert Galbraith to write The Cuckoo’s Calling. Robert Galbraith was ex-military, he came up with the idea to write a story about a war veteran turned private investigator who is called in to probe the mysterious death of a model- 
J.K. Rowling went about this very well, but she was no match for The Sunday Times.
The Sunday Times claimed it was investigating “how a first-time author with a background in the army and the civilian security industry could write such an assured debut novel” when it connected the dots. The paper said clues included the fact that Rowling and Galbraith shared the same agent and editor, and that Little, Brown published Rowling’s novel for adults, “The Casual Vacancy.” It also said the book’s style and subject matter resembled Rowling’s work.–
J.K. Rowling said it was nice to be able to write a book without people reading just because she she wrote it, and to get genuine feedback on the book.
Have any of you read The Cuckoo’s Calling?  If so, what was your opinion of it?

Good work Sunday Times!!

And quotes in italics from…

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Witch and Wizard

In Whit and Wisty’s world, all music, books, and anything else fun is banned. They have gone from a democracy to a monarchy of sorts. Sounds pretty bad, huh? Ya, it gets worse for Whit and Wisty. They soon find out that they are a witch and a wizard after they are abducted in the middle of the night. Ripped from their warm beds and placed in front of millions of people, to die for something they didn’t even know about. Can they escape?

I really loved these books! There are four books in the series so far. Written by: James Patterson

  • Book 1: Witch and Wizard  314 pages  105 chapters. (don’t worry they are short chapters)
  • Book 2: The Gift   340 pages  101 chap
  • Book 3: The Fire   336 p.   88 chap.
  • Book 4: The Kiss  357 p.   86 chap.
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Independence Hall (I,Q Series)

I thought this book had a wonderful story line, but I honestly found it kind of boring. It was a very plot orientated book, and I like when the characters are a bit more prominent. But, I will let you all decide what you think of it.
It is about two step-siblings who discover a secret about their family involving the government. They have to figure out how to protect themselves and who to trust.
-Written by: Roland Smith
-293 pages (paperback)
-56 chapters

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Breathe: A Ghost Story

This book starts off as any other scary story. A boy (Jack) and his mother move into a new house. The first chapter is written in the point of view of four ghost children who live in the house. As the book continues Jack encounters another ghost, an older women, who is intrigued with having another living child around. Her fascination with Jack goes to the extremes, she wants him to call her mom, and she becomes jealous of Jack’s real mother. She secretly plans to get rid of Jack’s mother. Soon Jack meets the four ghost children. They warn Jack of the dangers of the ghost mother, and what she will do to get what she wants. Even if it includes murder. Can he escape her clutches before he ends up like the other children?
-261 pages
– 25 chapters
-Written by: Cliff McNish
I love a good old fashioned horror story and this one makes the cut. But it also has enough twists and turns to separate itself from all the other scary stories.

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