The Grimm Legacy

I have been sick, so I thought I would do a review.

The Grimm Legacy is about a girl who stumbles upon The New York Circulating Material Repository. Which is a library for objects. When she applies and is given a job there, she discovers the basement  is filled with magical objects from The Grimm Fairy tales. People can borrow the objects just like a regular library, but they soon start disappearing. Elizabeth, Marc, Anjali, Aaron, must figure out who is taking the objects before they end up in the wrong hands.

This was a very enjoyable read! I loved the way she developed the characters, how they all had such distinct personalities. While being exciting and riveting there was also an element of romance. The romance was not smothering though, it wasn’t truly revealed until the end, but if you read between the lines it was there the whole time.

Written by: Polly Shulman   325 pages   27 chapters
There is a sequel!! Which I only recently found out about, but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The sequel is called The Wells Bequest. If any of you read it let me know how it is!

Happy Reading


Witch and Wizard

In Whit and Wisty’s world, all music, books, and anything else fun is banned. They have gone from a democracy to a monarchy of sorts. Sounds pretty bad, huh? Ya, it gets worse for Whit and Wisty. They soon find out that they are a witch and a wizard after they are abducted in the middle of the night. Ripped from their warm beds and placed in front of millions of people, to die for something they didn’t even know about. Can they escape?

I really loved these books! There are four books in the series so far. Written by: James Patterson

  • Book 1: Witch and Wizard  314 pages  105 chapters. (don’t worry they are short chapters)
  • Book 2: The Gift   340 pages  101 chap
  • Book 3: The Fire   336 p.   88 chap.
  • Book 4: The Kiss  357 p.   86 chap.
    Definitely worth reading!!Happy Reading,